Leading Fintech Expert Partners with TranzactCard as Chief Compliance Officer

TranzactCard has announced the appointment of Joyce Mehlman as the company’s Chief Compliance Officer. Joyce and her team bring over four decades of banking and fintech expertise, ready to guide TranzactCard’s compliance and operational strategies through Official Launch and beyond.

As one of the country’s foremost experts in the fintech space, Joyce created iLEX Consulting Group in 2012 to help financial organizations successfully migrate into the fintech space. Since launching iLEX, demand has soared for Joyce’s expertise. In just a decade, her team has grown to 23 employees, launched over 43 programs, and assisted 12 banks in entering the fintech space.

Joyce’s journey in fintech began in 2005 when she was appointed as the COO for Bancorp Bank, among the pioneers in the fintech space. “It was there that I learned what a fintech was and what a partnership with a bank would look like.” Joyce said. “Fintechs may no longer be “disruptive” to the banking industry, but they definitely enhance the banking industry with new products and services. In traditional big banks, implementing change can be likened to turning an aircraft carrier; in fintech, it’s akin to maneuvering a rowboat.”

“TranzactCard is doing so many things right,” Joyce said as she reflected on why she and her team are excited about supporting TranzactCard. “The way TranzactCard handles its rewards program, and its unique card model are just some of the innovative strategies that the market has been craving.”

“Having Joyce partner with TranzactCard is a pivotal moment for our team,” said Co-Founder Peter Rancie. “Her extensive experience and innovative approach are exactly what we need to navigate the complexities of the fintech compliance landscape.”

In a climate where regulatory scrutiny is intense and compliance is crucial, Joyce and her team are poised to keep TranzactCard on track. “TranzactCard has been really specific about being very compliant,” Joyce noted. “They’re working very closely with us to ensure customers are protected.”

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