William J. Andreoli Joins TranzactCard as President, Sales & Distribution Division

Provo, UTAH, August 15, 2023 – TranzactCard, LLC, financial technology innovator and the founder of the soon-to-open Z-Club private marketplace, announced today that 34-year sales industry veteran and innovator, William J. “Bill” Andreoli, is joining TranzactCard as President of the USA Sales and Distribution Division, including all sales and marketing operations. Andreoli also brings with him his seasoned executive staff to complement TranzactCard’s existing corporate team. Bill and his team will oversee field operations for all cardmembers and Digital Branch Offices, including training, customer onboarding, customer appreciation, and compliance.

“Joining the TranzactCard team is bringing the past two decades of my direct sales career full circle!” remarked Mr. Andreoli, when asked about his new role.  “In 2003, I started a financial education and services company called Financial Destination. Our mission was simple; to bring financial literacy and sophisticated tools to people that wouldn’t otherwise have them available. I’m proud to say that we helped to change thousands of lives in the process … but if we had TranzactCard back then? We would have changed the world and become a household name in the process. THAT is the vision I have for TranzactCard. It’s not only a great idea whose time has come, it’s a financial tool that changes everything you thought you knew about the power of your money … and best of all, everyone already knows how to use a bank card!”

When asked about Bill and his team, TranzactCard co-founder, Richard Smith replied, “I simply couldn’t be more excited about Bill and his team joining TranzactCard. His reputation as an excellent coach and team builder is renowned; he is a perfect match for our growing family.

“As much as we praise and rely upon our proprietary technologies to do what we do for our customers, none of it works without the right people in the right places. This is a big move, and exactly at the right time.”

Peter Rancie, the company’s other co-founder and Director added “I’m often quoted as saying ‘banking is hard’, but I must admit that surrounding yourself with people of quality, integrity, and professionalism is often an even greater challenge. We welcome Bill and his highly experienced team to the TranzactCard family.”

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