TranzactCard Takes Key Step Towards International Expansion

TranzactCard has taken a significant step in its long-term strategy for international expansion by establishing a new position solely focused on global business development.

Jon McKillip, who previously served as the Head of Sales and Distribution at TranzactCard, has been appointed as the Global Ambassador for Business Development, reporting directly to the Board of Directors.

Jon expressed, “While I’ve loved helping TranzactCard get off the ground in the USA, my experience and my connections are even more robust internationally than they are domestically.”

Co-Founder Peter Rancie commented on the new direction, stating, “We believe it’s time for us to sow the seeds for international expansion.” He added, “We still have a lot of work to do here; we haven’t even launched yet in the USA. But TranzactCard has always been about delivering a big vision, and so we’re determined to take that vision to the world, and not wait too long for the world to come to us.”

Offering further insight, Director and Co-Founder Richard Smith advised DBOs, “We launch in the USA in November. Given what we’ve learned in the two and a half years since TranzactCard started, we estimate needing at least one to two years of preparation for each new market.”

While Jon McKillip will maintain his strong ties in the USA to benefit TranzactCard, his interactions will increasingly emphasize an international perspective.

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