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TranzactCard: Banking with Benefits

TranzactCard is a purchasing platform designed to enhance the purchasing power of its members. Founded in 2023 by Peter Rancie and Richard T. Smith and headquartered in Provo, Utah, it operates with a unique rewards system where every dollar spent earns an equivalent Z-Buck, allowing members to buy down the retail price for products and services in the exclusive Z-Club marketplace.

In order to become eligible for a TranzactCard, each member must first successfully apply to open a checking account with one of TranzactCard’s partner banks. 

Beyond the rewards program, another distinctive feature of TranzactCard is its income opportunity available for members to participate in by becoming a Digital Branch Owner (DBO). As a DBO, commissions are earned from each purchase made by members enrolled through their TranzactCard Digital Branch.

TranzactCard represents a new paradigm in financial services, blending traditional banking with innovative rewards and community-driven opportunities. Its structure is aimed at providing more affordable products and services, reworking traditional banking fees, and offering a powerful income opportunity through Digital Branches. It stands as a solution for individuals seeking both personal financial growth and positive social impact.

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