TranzactCard Unveils eZ-Power Card, Broadens Fintech Services

TranzactCard recently announced the unveiling of its innovative eZ-Power Earn & Save Card during the company’s corporate update call last week. This digital card, distinct from the physical TranzactCard, is designed to provide members with immediate and convenient shopping access to 330 top national brands, just in time for the holiday season. Integrated within the TranzactCard app, the eZ-Power Card allows members to shop at a host of top national brands including Best Buy, Cabela’s, Disney, Home Depot, Macy’s, and many more.

“Launching the eZ-Power Earn & Save Card marks a pivotal moment for TranzactCard as we continue to innovate in response to our members’ needs,” said Co-Founder Peter Rancie. “We’re excited to offer another tool that not only opens a vast online marketplace within our app, but also opens up a world of opportunities and convenience for our members.”

A Modern Fintech Platform
The eZ-Power Card (digital) complements the TranzactCard (physical), creating a multi-card, multi-forum banking ecosystem. It adds a powerful vector of financial momentum by providing another way to reap the benefits of the Power Save and Power Spend programs — that’s why it’s called the eZ-Power Card!

With TranzactCard as an emerging pioneer in the Fintech space, the launch of the eZ-Power Card underscores the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge tools that empower financial well-being.

“This isn’t just about introducing a new card,” said Co-Founder Peter Rancie. “It’s about fortifying TranzactCard’s position as a modern Fintech platform.”

Power Save
Power Save is currently being built and tested. When a member’s Power Save account is live, the rebate portion from the merchant will feed directly into the Power Save program with a portion of every transaction funding their Power Save account. This feature will also be available with each member’s TranzactCard as they make purchases outside of Z-Club with merchants that provide rebates that the company can directly link to each member’s Power Save account.

Power Spend
With the eZ-Power Card rolling out during TranzactCard’s transition to a new banking platform, it presents an excellent opportunity for members to continue with their Power Spend to earn Z-Bucks inside in the app.

All eZ-Power Card purchases will continue to reward members with Z-Bucks. In other words, it’s a digital way to earn Z-Bucks all from the convenience of the app.

Additionally, with the introduction of the eZ-Power Card, DBOs can still earn commissions, introduce potential TCMs and DBOs, and expand their digital branches as TranzactCard transitions to our enhanced banking platform.

Just in Time for the Holidays
With the holiday season fast approaching, the eZ-Power Card is a fantastic opportunity for members to experience the benefits of Power Spend as they shop for loved ones at over 330 top national brands.

eZ-Power Card FAQs

Q: Is the eZ-Power Card a replacement for the TranzactCard?

A: No, the eZ-Power Card is not a replacement for the TranzactCard. The eZ-Power Card is an additional FinMo Banking tool, separate from the TranzactCard bank card.

Q: When will I receive funds in a Power Save account?

A: Power Savings will be earned and applied only after you have an active Power Save account. Purchases during testing will not be retroactively applied.

Q: Why introduce the eZ-Power Card now?

A: Due to our rapid growth during the pre-launch phase, we’re rolling out the eZ-Power Card earlier than planned. It also allows members to keep earning dollar for dollar Z-Bucks while we migrate to a new banking platform.

Q: Is the eZ-Power Card just a temporary feature?

A: No, it’s here to stay. The eZ-Power Card is a permanent FinMo Banking solution in the TranzactCard ecosystem.

Q: Can I use my eZ-Power Card to buy things at stores that aren’t online?

A: Yes, when you use your eZ-Power Card to purchase a gift card (e.g., Nike) that has both online and physical locations, you can use that gift card in person or through the online store using the unique bar code on the merchant card that is available inside your TranzactCard App.

Q: Do I have to go through KYC to get an eZ-Power Card?

A: No, the eZ-Power Card will automatically appear in the app when available. You will simply need to fund the eZ-Power Card through the mobile TranzactCard app, and you will have access to your eZ-Power Card right away.

Q: How do I access my eZ-Power Card to fund and purchase gift cards?

A: You can fund your eZ-Power Card through the mobile TranzactCard app.

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