TranzactCard Announces Z-Club Travel

TranzactCard, a leader in bank card rewards announced it is redefining the travel landscape for its members with the introduction of Z-Club Travel. Announced just ahead of TranzactCard’s national launch in Las Vegas later this month (Nov 12th-14th), Z-Club Travel will offer travel deals, for which members can use rewards program Z-Bucks as part of the purchase, including discounted vacation rentals, condos, luxury hotels, and resort weeks.

bank card travel rewards – z-travel by TranzactCardThe introduction of Z-Club Travel is the latest in a series of notable moves by TranzactCard to revolutionize the fintech space and help its members increase the power of their spending, creating an ecosystem where members experience “financial momentum.” The announcement comes on the heels of a steady cadence of other recent developments TranzactCard has made, including launching the eZ-Power Card for mobile delivery of digital gift cards, unveiling a state-of-the-art banking app, and transitioning to an advanced digital back office.

“Working with trusted travel advisors, we have curated a selection of vacation options for our members,” said Co-Founder Jared Moss. “This is just one way that members can use the value of Z-Bucks to create financial momentum.”

“TranzactCard isn’t just about transactions; it’s about transformative experiences,” added Co-Founder Peter Rancie. “Z-Club Travel exemplifies our dedication to providing value-driven solutions to our community.”

“This is more than a travel service. It’s a statement,” said Co-Founder Richard Smith. “A statement that underscores our commitment to drive financial momentum for our members, making more dreams achievable. It’s also another way that we’re making a positive social impact.”

TranzactCard will be introducing Z-Club Travel in a phased rollout, beginning this week with leaders and then quickly expanding to include the entire TranzactCard community.

About TranzactCard
TranzactCard is a fintech start-up revolutionizing bank card rewards through a dollar-for-dollar rewards system, where members receive a matching Z-Buck for every dollar spent. Established in 2021 by founders Peter Rancie, Richard Smith, and Jared Moss, and headquartered near Utah’s Silicon Slopes, TranzactCard offers its members the ability to use Z-Bucks within the Z-Club online marketplace on a wide range of products and services, including travel.

Since beta launch in 2023, tens-of-thousands of customers have onboarded as TranzactCard members.

How it works: it operates with a unique rewards system where every dollar spent on your bank card earns an equivalent Z-Buck dollar, allowing members to buy down the retail price for products and services in the exclusive Z-Club marketplace.

Here is the full article as featured by Yahoo Finance.

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