TranzactCard Officially Launches in the United States

LAS VEGAS (November 13, 2023) – TranzactCard, a leader in bank card rewards, has officially launched its operations in the United States market. Speaking to a packed audience of 2,500 DBOs at the Paris Las Vegas Conference Center, Co-Founder Peter Rancie made the historic announcement during his keynote address at the first session of TranzactCard’s two-day launch event.

Highlighting the significance of the moment not only as the official launch of TranzactCard as a company but also TranzactCard as a social impact enterprise, Rancie set the stage by sharing broader insights into the current state of the world. “We live in a challenging world loaded with poverty, human trafficking, and war,” he emphasized, drawing attention to the daunting statistics: “An estimated 40 million people are trafficked every year. About 40 million Americans live in poverty. There are about 100 million people forcibly displaced because of war, and around 700 million people worldwide are living in extreme poverty. And banking, it’s quite challenging,” he continued, asserting the necessity of undertaking this challenge as a critical step for TranzactCard to help alleviate suffering in the world. “So, if we’re going to change the world of banking, then we have to do something challenging.”

And though Rancie highlighted the many challenges facing the world, he also reminded the audience to be grateful. “Be grateful for our privileges. We live in a very privileged society, and considering all the hotspots in the world like Israel, Ukraine, Russia, we should be grateful for this opportunity to have a positive impact on the world around us,” he said. “We’re in a difficult world, so let’s lift where we stand,” Rancie said.

Rancie capped-off his remarks with the official launch statement: “TranzactCard’s social impact enterprise is now officially launched, along with our best collective efforts. And may it go wherever God chooses to allow it.”

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